Host of Last Week Tonight John Oliver

Host of Last Week Tonight John Oliver

Jack Warner has managed to propel not only himself but also Trinidad and Tobago into the International spotlight.

Since the FIFA debacle Warner’s name has not only been on the lips of media here in T&T but overseas as well. Media from various countries outside of T&T have come to our shores to report on the Former Vice President of FIFA.

John Oliver, host of the popular night time talk show “Last Week Tonight” on HBO in the United States, took things a step further when he poked fun at Warner on his show recently. He was in a particularly animated mood when discussing FIFA on Sunday night.

He discussed the U.S. corruption investigation stating that it took the country that cared the least about football to bring down the people who had been ruining it. Oliver’s take on FIFA essentially included a series of hilarious comparisons and observations.

This has become a trademark of the popular HBO show. He had quite an interesting take on a video that Jack Warner released recently.


Host of Last Week Tonight on HBO John Oliver.