President of the UWI Student Guild, Darrion Narine is today reminding students of the need to respect the rule of law and the campus rules.

His comments come as two students were recorded having sex in a classroom on the first floor of the University.

The couple, who was performing the act next to a classroom window, was visible from downstairs.

They were recorded by passersby and onlookers, who then shared the video on social media.

Mr. Narine said students need to be respectful of the environment they are in.

While he was unable to say if this is a regular occurrence at the University, he said the Student Guild is delivering information regarding sexual safety and the laws of the land.

Meanwhile, News Power Now contacted Public Information Officer of the TTPS, ASP Michael Jackman for a comment on the issue… the laws regarding sexual intercourse in public spaces and the recording/sharing of recordings of persons engaged in sexual acts.

ASP Jackman withheld comment and said he was not yet made aware of the issue and would only respond when he had more information at hand.

News Power Now did some research on the issue however and according to Section 7 of the Criminal Offences Act Chapter 11:01, any public and indecent exposure of the person (which includes sex in public spaces) is illegal and can result in imprisonment with hard labour.

Additionally. recording or sharing video recordings of a person engaged in sexual activities, without their consent, is illegal when the person being recorded does not expect to be seen by the public, regardless of whether they are in a public or private place.