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Various Political Candidates casts their votes today at Various Polling Stations.

Independent Candidate for San Fernando West Jowelle De Souza was among those casting their vote today.

According to published reports, she revealed that while she remained optimistic about the election result, she stood ready to work with whichever candidate was elected to office.

De Souza disclosed that whatever the outcome, she would continue her work in the constituency and be the “Opposition outside of Parliament.”

Also, Former PM Patrick Manning and his wife cast their ballots at the San Fernando Methodist Primary School a short while ago.

Earlier this morning, Dr. Roodal Moonilal and Marlene Coudray cast their vote in today’s General Election.

Moonilsl reportedly stated that thousands of people already cast their vote in the Oropouche East constituency with no reports of discrepancies.

Also earlier today Prime Ministerial Candidate Dr. Keith Rowley cast his vote at the International School in Westmoorings.

He spoke with reporters and revealed that he was pleased with the process and his party’s campaign,.

However he highlighted that there was an issue with canvassing this morning through telephone calls and text messages.

He claimed that he was in possession of copies of said text messages from Caroni Central Candidate Dr. Bhoe Tewarie as evidence.


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Meanwhile there have been reports that text messages have been circulating this morning coaxing voters to sway their votes in a particular direction.

PNM candidate for Diego Martin North/East Colm Imbert speaking on the “Keeping it Real” programme this morning with Sir Charles on power102.1fm indicated that he has received a copy of a mass text message that is being sent by the UNC, urging voters to vote for their party.

The PNM candidate indicated that the text message copy that he had in his possession came from UNC candidate for Caroni Central Dr. Bhoe Tewarie.

According to Imbert it is an election offense for any political party to campaign in any way on Election Day.


Mr. Imbert said that he has personally reported the matter to EBC additionally, he has sent a copy to the Chief Election Officer and he has asked PNM’s attorneys to report this matter to the Commissioner of Police because this is in fact an election offence.

PNM candidate for Diego Martin North/East Colm Imbert.