Tobago Chamber of Commerce’s reaction

The Tobago Chamber of Commerce is also hoping that future talks on a massive developmental project can go ahead so that the island could benefit from the investment and infrastructural development which it desperately needs.

In a statement released yesterday, the Chamber noted with great sadness and regret, the announcement of the withdrawal of the SANDALS group from its proposed investment in Tobago.

It added that it remains convinced that business, development and investment can be done while still preserving and maintaining and nurturing the natural environment and the eco-systems of the island.

The Chamber also expressed its hope that all sides will be able to return to the table to resume negotiations and to find workable solutions to meet the aims and objectives of the two competing ideals.

The Chamber is convinced that with the Billions of Dollars of investment, in construction, job creation, training, and service delivery attendant upon a brand name hotel coming to Tobago, it is possible for the population of Tobago as a whole to benefit and develop and derive spin-offs from such a development.

Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association’s reaction

President of the Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association, Carolann Birchwood James, says she is not surprised by Sandals decision.



The entrepreneur from the sister isle focused on concerns she had about how the state went about the venture.



Attorney Martin George, former vice chairman of the Tobago Chamber’s reaction


We also have reactions from Attorney Martin George, former vice chairman of the Tobago Chamber.



Mr George also responded to our question as to how this would affect business, on the ground in Tobago