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Vasant Bharath Disappointed in UNC’s Internal Electoral Committee

Vasant Bharath Disappointed in UNC’s Internal Electoral Committee

The Elections Committee of the United National Congress is this morning being accused of deliberately attempting to undermine the electoral process of the internal elections of the party.

The accusation comes from after Mr. Bharath pulled out of the leadership race yesterday citing a flawed electoral process.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102.1FM this morning, Mr. Bharath said that while he and his team did not expect a perfect electoral system, he was disappointed with the Electoral Committee and other members of the Executive.

He said that another factor that factored into his decision was the refusal of Mrs. Bissessar to resign as Political Leader of the party.

He also cited the fact that Mr. William Archie and Dr. Rampersad Parasram both of whom are on the Election Committee have openly supported Mrs. Bissessar, which signaled a lack of independence as far as the Committee was concerned.

He also stated that that his team was told that they would be provided with a final list four days before the elections, which would make it near impossible to campaign, added to this he said that Mrs. Bissessar has been openly canvasing the membership.