Finance Minister Colm Imbert is lucky to have retained his portfolio in this new Government. This is the belief of former Trade and Industry Minister Vasant Bharath. He made the comment during an interview with the Power Breakfast team on Power102FM on Tuesday.

He said the country’s lack of economic progress over the last 5 years, has led to this personal determination. Mr Bharath said Minister Imbert was not very successful in doing enough to take the country forward during the last term of Government.

He noted that the task facing Mr Imbert is better suited to someone with a heavy financial and economic background and
the relevant international contacts to lean on for advice. He outlined the difficulty of the task as he trumpeted the need for
the best minds to gather and tackle the issue of keeping the country afloat.

Mr. Bharath is also a member of the country’s COVID-19 recovery committee. He noted that food security and the empowerment of the local agriculture sector needs to be addressed moving forward