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Vasant Bharath Tells Basdeo Panday to Form His Own Party.

Vasant Bharath Tells Basdeo Panday to Form His Own Party.

Former Prime Minister and Founder of the United National Congress, Basdeo Panday, is suggesting that the country is in need of a new political party.

Speaking with reporters on Monday he said the new political party must put constitutional reform high on its agenda.

Those comments coupled with his revelation that he is willing to return to active politics has fuelled speculation that he could be involved in the formation of a new political party.

UNC Member, Vasant Bharath.

Commenting on this development, Former UNC MP and Senator, Vasant Bharath said given Mr. Panday’s focus on constitutional reform, it would be understandable that he form a political party.

He says that everyone is aware that Mr. Panday has been talking about constitutional reform for years.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102.1FM this morning, he revealed that Mr. Panday would have to get into Parliament in order to have the opportunity to have real discussions on making changes to the constitution.


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    The road to serious welcoming change in Trinidad & Tobago is now a rocky road that involves numerous casualties. Heaven help us all in T&T. But the trigger for this has been pulled already. Things most probably will get worse before they get better. But God doh sleep. He has an answer for the praying population. The greedy, beastly, power hungry, fame grabbing, wealth grabbing and just plain evil folks will get their day with Satan and his hell. Both the PNM and UNC are failed organisations well set to raid the treasury for their own self grandisement.