Deputy to the Venezuelan National Assembly Carlos Enrique Valero took to his twitter account to condemn and outright reject Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and the Trinidad and Tobago Government for its continued “support” of the Nicolás Maduro Administration.

Valero’s twitter account which carries the handle @CarlosValero08, said the Opposition’s position with respect to Dr. Keith Rowley, is nothing but of deep rejection to inhuman treatment that Venezuelan nationals have received by the hands of Nicholas Maduro.

He went on to say that Dr. Rowley has been the accomplice of  Maduro in light of the crisis that Venezuela is going through and his support in international forums.

However, Carlos Enrique Valero did thank the T&T Government for the rescue of 19 Spanish-speaking girls during a sex raid last Wednesday which took place across several parts of Trinidad including Westmoorings, Ariapita Avenue and Curepe.

Nicolás Maduro has the support of Russia and China and more importantly, the Venezuelan military.