A group of Venezuelan woman and a Venezuelan man are presently in police custody after they were held for attacking police officers on Sunday.

According to police reports, at about 1 am two police officers were on patrol in Freeport when they stopped two men – a Venezuelan and a Trinidadian.

They said they searched the Trinidadian and found marijuana hidden in his crotch area. But it was when they attempted to search the Venezuelan that all hell broke loose.

The women ran out of a house screaming at the police.

They surrounded the officers and began to kick and cuff them. The Venezuelan man also joined in.

One of them even held on to the submachine gun, carried by one of the policemen, resulting in the discharge of one round of ammunition, while others rained stones on the officers.

The officers were forced to run for cover and call for back up, after which the group was apprehended.

However, shortly after arriving at the station at 1.15 am, two of the other women went to the station and continued the attack, not only on the police who arrested their friends but on everyone in the charge room.

There were six officers on duty. One of the women grabbed a policeman’s hand and began to kick him.

Other police intervened, but the women did not stop. They continued to kick, cuff and bite while shouting in Spanish.

It took a few minutes before the police were able to subdue the women and put them into a cell.

A policewoman sustained a fractured hand and another colleague had bruises to his hands, face and head.

They were taken to the Chaguanas Health Centre where they were attended to and later discharged.