“We are not going to enter into a false dialogue that gives oxygen to a regime that tortures and jails people. This is said to have been the position of Opposition Leader, Juan Guaido, as he spoke today as the leader of the National Assembly in Caracas. Material concerning this issue is being circulated by Guaido supporters, in one social media post describing him as the Interim President, and the President, Nicolas Maduro as a Usurper. This message said there will be no dialogue between them.

Another statement, said to be taken from the National Assembly’s Twitter account, said:

“We have no space here for ingenuity. The people of Venezuela cannot be fooled with false dialogues. Do you want to give signals of your intention to dialogue? Free Juan Requesnes. Stop persecuting and killing people.”

This, therefore, is a bucket of cold water, poured unto the initiative by Caricom leaders, to call for dialogue, as a way of mediating the rising tensions between government and opposition in Venezuela.

Following a meeting in New York yesterday, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres agreed to a request from a Caricom delegation, to facilitate a process of dialogue between the major parties on the Venezuela question. Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley, who was part of the delegation, told reporters afterwards, he was encouraged by the discussions at the meeting, and was looking forward to positive developments over the next few days.