Michelle Coudray.The main suspect in the murder of school teacher Michelle Coudray-Greaves has been found guilty.

Michelle Coudray-Greaves is the daughter of Local Government Minister Marlene Coudray.

Westmoreland, Jamaica, taxi operator Ivan Taylor was sentenced by a 12-member jury in the Montego Bay Circuit Court.

Mr. Taylor was reportedly an on-call driver for Ms. Coudray-Greaves.

He was arrested shortly after her burnt remains were found in a cane field on June 10, 2012.

The case which lasted some 17 days saw a number of individuals testifying before the court including the Local Government Minister.

Witnesses reportedly told the court they saw Mr. Taylor leaving the cane field on the same morning Ms. Coudray-Greaves went missing.

Police with the aide of cell towers placed Mr. Taylor in the vicinity of the location where the body was found.

Mr. Taylor is expected to be sentenced on July 23.