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Vernon De Lima…”UNC trampled on COP’s principles”…

Vernon DelimaFormer Vice Chairman of the Congress of the People, Vernon De Lima, says he is not surprised with the disenchantment among COP members.

Addressing news reports of a motion being circulated to remove COP Leader Prakash Ramadhar, De Lima said all the COP has been doing is rubber stamping the wrong-doing of the ruling United National Congress.

De Lima says the COP has stood by and did nothing but allowed the “UNC to trample on us and our principles”. The party has failed and the time has come for it to “pack up and leave” the PP Administration, De Lima said.

Yesterday’s reported heated executive meeting revealed that the motion was being circulated.

Sources within the COP said party members were disenchanted with the UNC and were urging the COP executive to also make a clean break and standalone…


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    The members of the UNC & the COP know very well that if the partnership break up they will both loss all the elections to come, while there will be disenchantment in both parties on how the Partnership treat with some issues , the leadership must be mindful if it’s not the agents of either Abdulah or even Jack Warner are trying to disrupt the COP at this time , for we know that Abdulah and his associates have been having meetings with members of the COP sometime now