A video that has been making the rounds on social media of what appears to be children on Duncan Street, Port of Spain is being heavily criticized by the Police Social and Welfare Association.

In the video, a group of children are seen issuing threats to members of the Rasta City Gang.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning President of the  Association ASP Michael Seales said that it is unfortunate that such a video could be made.

ASP Seales also commented on concerns that officers may have for the safety of family members.

This is in light of the recent murder of the father of two female police officers at his Diego Martin home on the Divali holiday as he went to answer a call at his front door.

Police reports indicate that around 12:30 pm on Tuesday, 63-year-old Charles Campbell was at his home along Eligon Avenue, Diego Martin, with one of his daughters, when they heard someone calling out to them.

Campbell responded, and shortly afterwards, a series of explosions were heard.

Seales revealed that there still needs to be a determination of why the murder took place, however, the situation is cause for concern.