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Viral Fight Video Old, Says Ministry. Intervention Already Made.

Viral Fight Video Old, Says Ministry. Intervention Already Made.

The Ministry of Education says it has investigated and found that the video being circulated on Social Media of a fight at the Bethlehem Girls’ RC School is over one year old.

The Ministry says the video, which was first circulated in June, 2016, has merely resurfaced and is now causing widespread concern.

The five students involved in the incident have all moved on to the secondary level of education and their performance and discipline are being monitored to prevent any repetition of the behavior displayed in the viral video.

In a media release the Ministry points out that school supervision, through the office of the Chief Education Officer has informed that when the incident occurred last year, intervention was immediately made.

The students seen in the video were all post-SEA students who were on the compound for a pan group rehearsal.

Once the incident was reported to the school’s principal, the School Supervision department immediately took action.

The parents of all the students involved were subsequently called in to meet with the principal.