The NGC CNG Company Limited and The Vehicle Maintenance Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited have signed a contract to facilitate the conversion of state vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas.

The contract will see VMCOTT providing the labour in facilitating the annual conversion of a minimum of 500 government owned vehicles and vehicles owned by employees of state entities entitled to travelling allowances at their Beetham conversion facility.

In a media release this afternoon it was revealed that the contract comes after both entities signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2016.

NGC CNG will inject 100% percent of the capital funds to purchase the kits and tanks for VMCOTT to facilitate the conversion of the vehicles to CNG.

The cost of the conversion will be borne by the respective Government owned agency or employee.

Cabinet recently agreed for VMCOTT to receive their CNG service license and undertake the conversion initiative with NGC CNG.

According to the contract, all profits generated from the conversions will be shared by both NGC CNG and VMCOTT.