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Volney says PP made mistake in choosing Ian Alleyne for St. Joseph…


Former Member of Parliament for Joseph, Herbert Volney

Former Member of Parliament for Joseph, Herbert Volney, has thrown his support behind Independent Liberal Party candidate, attorney Om Lalla, in the upcoming by-election.

This election, scheduled for November 4th would see former business associates and friends Ian Alleyne and Om Lalla, facing off for the St Joseph seat for the United National Congress (UNC) and the Independent Liberal Party respectively.

They both go up against the Peoples National Movement’s Terrance Deyalsingh, a former opposition senator, media personality Michael Lopez of the Democratic National Assembly and comedian Errol Fabien, who will be contesting as an Independent.

Mr. Volney in an interview, said of those selected the ILP candidate looks like the candidate that may offer the best representation to St Joseph.

Mr. Volney said he taught the partnership would have selected a candidate of a higher caliber than Ian Alleyne.