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Wade Mark Urges Government to Avoid Going to the IMF.

Wade Mark Urges Government to Avoid Going to the IMF.

Opposition Senator, Wade Mark.

Opposition Senator Wade Mark has urged the government to do what is required and avoid the nation going to the International Monetary Fund for financial support.

Contributing to the Budget Debate this afternoon, Mr. Mark warned that the country cannot afford to return to the IMF at this time, noting that such a move could create additional economic pressure.

Mr. Mark said the focus must be placed on generating economic activity that will help create sustainable jobs.

Independent Senator Taurel Shrikissoon during his deliberations said there are some crucial areas that the government must review and address going forward, especially in light of falling gross domestic product and increasing expenditure.

Another Independent Senator, Dr. Dhanayshar Mahabir, suggested a model that can be used by the state in collaboration with the trade union movement on the issue of increased wages.