It’s Christmas time and everyone knows Caribbean people do Christmas different! Particularly in Trinidad and Tobago, Christmas means lots of painting, refurbishing and heavy cleaning! With that in mind, we’ve put together a few practical cleaning tips that can help anyone get through the cleaning aspect of the Christmas chores, in the quickest possible time! Here goes:


First things first, grab one or two of those Tuffy garbage bags and let’s make a complete trash haul. You know how it can be, things pile up if you don’t stay on top of them.  Carrying a trash bag with you helps get rid of the non-essential items quickly.  So, do that! Don’t procrastinate and wonder “will I need this in the future…” because that only leads to hoarding. Get rid of anything you don’t use or haven’t used in over 2 years. If it’s usable, maybe pass it on to someone who’ll make use of it!


After you throw out the garbage, check around the house for any plates, saucers, cups and other kitchen utensils that you or other family members may have left laying around. Don’t worry about washing them up just yet, just put them in the sink. This will help you consolidate the clutter into one area that you can deal with later.


Take a laundry basket and start picking up dirty laundry; do a sweep of the house and deposit the laundry in the wash area.  If you have time, you can even start a load of laundry, washing while you’re cleaning the other areas of the house. For those who wash by hand, we know this takes time so you may have to leave the laundry gathered for a time that’s most convenient to you.


Once the initial pass through is done, focus on doing a room-by-room clean up.  Take a box with you again and pick up items that don’t belong in that room, say, a kid’s toy in the living room.  Once you’ve picked up the clutter in that room, start straightening that room up.  Make the bed if you need to or straighten the couch up.  Once that room is complete, move onto the next and continue throughout the entire house.


Once the rooms are picked up, take this opportunity to vacuum or sweep.  It may be easier at this point to leave the kitchen for the last spot to clean.  This gives you a spot to consolidate cleaning products and trash, too. Wipe surfaces with your choice of cleaning products and bask in the refreshing feeling of a clean room! Don’t forget, Christmas includes window cleaning! That’s imperative so don’t think twice. Clean those windows and change up those curtains.


Wipe down the sinks and use glass cleaner on the mirrors, if needed.  Clean the shower or bathtub with a spray.  Sometimes you can even spray this down and let it work while you clean another place in the house; then come back and rinse.


By now, you’ve moved through the entire house.  It’s time to clean the kitchen!  To start, pack away all the clean plates and kitchen utensils. For those who need to clean cupboards and draws out, you’ll obviously need to stack these in an area, clean the draws and cupboards and then pack them in. When that’s done, start picking up any lose items on the counter like stacks of mail or bills.  Once things are put away, work on cleaning the dirty dishes and don’t forget to clean out your refrigerator and stove top. Finally, wipe down your kitchen counters. Decorating’s then entirely up to you!

We hope this short practical list works for you this Christmas! Let’s make cleaning fun and QUICK!