Head of Fixin T&T, Kirk Waithe says he willing to meet with the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith over the controversial, “one shot, one kill policy”

Mr Waithe, in a recent press release said the policy was not a part of the police regulations and accused Commissioner Griffith of directing officers to break the law.

However, Commissioner Griffith, speaking with News Power Now on Sunday, defended himself saying that police are allowed to meet deadly force with deadly force.

Speaking with News Power Now again on Monday he branded Mr Waithe as irrelevant and questioned his agenda.

Commissioner Griffith made it clear that his focus is on ensuring that law abiding citizens are protected.

Mr Waithe however, told our newsroom that his stance is only geared towards maintaining democracy and the upholding of w

Despite their difference in opinion, Mr Waithe said he is still open to a discussion with the Police Commissioner.

Commissioner Griffith was also asked if he is willing to meet with his critics…this was his response.