The voice of a mourning mother and another Laventille resident as they lament the death of three persons in Laventille, who have been described as innocent bystanders in a recent shooting in the area.

A 16-year-old boy is said to be among the victims of a triple murder which occurred in the late hours of Friday in Laventille.

49 year old Curtis Hepburn, 38 year old Carlos Abraham, and 16 year old Joshua James were reportedly liming near a bar on Erica Street, Laventille around 10:45 pm on Friday.

Reports indicate that a heavily-tinted vehicle pulled alongside the men, gunmen exited the car and opened fire on the group.

The attackers then returned to the car and fled the scene.

Hepburn, Abraham and James were all shot in the attack and succumbed to their injuries.

There is no confirmed motive for the killings, nor confirmation that any of the deceased were the gunmen’s intended targets.

Police are investigating the correlation of this attack to any of the killings that have taken place in the area this week.