Customer Service Director at WASA, Doodnath Bhola

Customer Service Director at WASA, Doodnath Bhola

The Water and Sewage Authority is today responding to political remarks made in recent days- remarks the utility’s customer care director, Doodnath Bhola argues, are untrue.

Bhola, in a media statement issued on Tuesday afternoon, said the People’s National Movement candidate for Lopinot/ Bon Air West, has made false remarks on the political hustings.

Referring to Mrs. Cherrie-Ann Crichlow-Cockburn’s utterance that the lack of water in the Windy Hill and Edna Hill areas is owed to WASA, Mr. Bhola points out that Windy Hill is not a planned housing community, but rather, has been developed from unplanned housing, which he said, occurred without the required approvals and infrastructure for utilities such as water, being in place.

He further explained that in 2011, the Land Settlement Agency (LSA) formerly regularized the development and the Authority had been approached to provide a pipe borne water supply to the area. The project, he said, was estimated to cost $8.5 million dollars and despite the fact that a payment was not immediately received, the utility began the installation process in a bid to appease the situation.

Bhola says WASA has already completed a three-phase pipeline project for an express line from the Arouca Highlift Station, to the proposed site of a gravity feed distribution tank at upper Windy Hill, at a cost of over $4 million. He says the utility is now involved in discussions with LSA regarding funding for the completion of the project, which also involves the installation of a distribution tank at Windy Hill, as well as upgrade works at the Arouca Highlift Station, in order to meet the additional demands on the system.