WASA CEO, Allan Poon King is making a plea with persons to continue to conserve water despite the consistent rain over the past few days.

Speaking in a televised interview on Wednesday morning he advised that WASA reservoirs are still not up to maximum levels and as such, water restrictions implemented earlier this year, still remain enforced.

Mr. Poon King also revealed that the company is in the process of submitting the relevant information to the Regulated Industries Commission, the body responsible for assessing the rates charged by public utilities.

He explained that the documentation is in the process of being prepared and despite some delays, should be delivered to the RIC this month.

This will then trigger the process of a rate review which could result in an increase in water rates.

According to research commissioned by the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce and the Manufacturers Association, Trinidadians currently pay an average water rate of US$0.18 per cubic meter…one of the lowest in the world.

The average water rate around the world is approximately US $2 per cubic metre of water.

Data from 452 cities across the world collected in the 2017 Global Water Tariff Survey by Global Water Intelligence (GWI) shows water and wastewater prices are rising, with an average increase of 3.91% worldwide.