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WASA promises to increase Tobago’s water supply

WASA promises to increase Tobago’s water supply

WASAMinister of Public Utilities Retired Brigadier Ancil Antoine met with Tobago House of Assembly Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Utilities Gary Melville, and Water and Sewerage Authority officials, yesterday morning in Tobago.

Their discussion focused on solutions to the island’s low levels of surface water stores. The minister said Tobago does have enough water to meet the needs of its residents.

He says, however, that the supply needs to be used judiciously.

Out of the meeting, WASA committed to increase the amount of water in Tobago’s pipelines, by operationalising eight test wells in the coming months.

This includes wells at Roxborough, Goldsborough, Mary’s Hill, Mt Marie, Carnbee, Arnos Vale,and Calder Hall.

Each well will produce at least 500,000 gallons per day.


Minister of Public Utilities, Retired Brigadier Ancil Antoine.

In the short term, more water trucks will be going to Tobago in the next two weeks to boost the truck-borne water supply on the island.

Raffie David, who is acting director of operations at WASA, said the Authority is trying to reduce the waiting time for customers.

Two trucks will arrive on the island this week, David said, and a further three will arrive in a week’s time.