water-tapCitizens throughout Trinidad and Tobago have been experiencing dry taps recently and according to the Water and Sewage Authority this just a taste of things to come.
Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102.1 FM earlier today Director of Customer care at WASA Doodnath Bhola revealed than an unusual dry season has been the cause of dry taps.

He also stated that this has been so for other countries in this part of the world.

He said that the good news is that we are better prepared this year than in previous years.

He explained that while there are no significant problems at the various dams there are areas that are still being affected by a reduced water supply.

Director of Customer care at WASA Doodnath Bhola

Complaints by customers across North West Trinidad, relative to dry water pipes at their homes, is being answered by the Water and Sewage authority.

In a statement, WASA says areas such as downtown Port of Spain, Woodbrook, Cascade, St. James, St Anns, Cocorite, Belmont, Morvant and nearby areas, are being affected by a a broken 18″ transmission main along the Beetham Highway, Port-of Spain.

The utility is assuring that Emergency repairs are currently underway and the supply is expected to be restored by midday today .