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Watson Duke Warns Government, “It Cannot be Business as Usual.”

Watson Duke Warns Government, “It Cannot be Business as Usual.”

Long lines on Sunday at the Pierce international Airport.

Public Services Association President, Watson Duke is defending the Immigration Officers who are being accused of Industrial action after they failed to show up to work yesterday.

Speaking on TV6’s Morning Edition, Mr. Duke said the officers were not engaging in industrial action but simply refused to work overtime to compensate for the manpower shortage facing the Immigration Division.

Mr. Duke claimed the officers constantly work overtime but do not receive their overtime compensation in a timely manner.

Only two immigration officers showed up for work at the airport yesterday causing long lines and forcing passengers to face a 3 hour wait to clear immigration.

Mr. Duke said while he was not behind the action, he supports the officers and warns that attempts to target them will have grave consequences.

Mr. Duke suggested that the incident should help the Government realize that it cannot be business as usual where this is concerned.