umar abdullah

Head of the Islamic Front Umar Abdullah

Muslim organization, the Islamic front is today threatening to hold a vigil in Woodford Square until 5 T&T nationals being held in Venezuela are returned home.

Head of the Islamic Front Umar Abdullah says that if the Government refuses to provide an answers today on the matter they would take action.


Speaking with News Power he revealed that the Islamic Front is in possession of a report from the Department of State in the United States on the human rights issue in Venezuela.

He said that the report revealed what they have been saying for some time, that there is no judicial process in that country.

Abdullah revealed that they are being asked to come up with a hefty sum for the release of the T&T nationals.

He claimed that the Government needs to comment on the content of the US report as it pertains to the T&T nationals in the Latin American country.


Abdullah said that he will get the support of the country and called on all citizens to support the march.