Professor Emeritus of Criminology and Public Safety Ramesh Deosaran

Meanwhile the former head of the police service commission is saying, We cannot just spend money without expecting results.

In his address to the nation last evening Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley revealed that close to $120 million would be spent on the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

He disclosed that the sum would be used to upgrade its intelligence gathering efforts and further empower it in crime prevention and detection.

In an interview with News Power Now this morning, Professor Emeritus of Criminology and Public Safety Ramesh Deosaran, stated that the next step was to show accountability now that the announcement had been made.

He said that while the public appreciated the assurance that something was being done to address the crime situation in T&T, they were fed up and frustrated.

He said that millions of dollars had been used in the crime fight in the last five years.

He divulged that over $15 billion was spent on policing and security, and the public was ready to see the money put to work.