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Woman accused of live-streaming rape on Periscope.

Woman accused of live-streaming rape on Periscope.

international news1A woman from Ohio has been charged with streaming the rape of a teenage girl via Twitter’s live video app Periscope.
The offense is alleged to have occurred two months ago and was allegedly committed by the woman’s boyfriend.
The matter was brought to the authorities’ attention by someone who said they had seen the broadcast.
The accused’s lawyer says his client, Marina Lonina,”categorically” denies the charges.
An expert said the case highlighted the impossibility of controlling content on live-streaming services, which are gaining in popularity.
According to the indictment, the sexual assault took place in the city of Columbus on February 27th.
Marina Lonina is also accused of taking a photo of the 17-year-old in a state of undress the previous night.
The woman’s boyfriend, Raymond Gates, who has been accused of carrying out the assault has not yet pleaded.