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Woman accused of marijuana in parsad denied bail.

Woman accused of marijuana in parsad denied bail.

CrimeThe woman who allegedly put marijuana in a bag of Parsad for her brother in jail on Divali was denied bail in her court appearance on Thursday.

Sergeant Ramdhan, police prosecutor requested that a tracing be done on Latchmie Seebaran.

The 51 year old woman appeared before Rio Claro magistrate Rae Roopchand, who then read the charge to Seebaran that she allegedly had 13 grammes of marijuana in her possession on Wednesday.

It was alleged that Seebaran tried to have the Parsad transported, along with other foods to her brother that was in custody on a murder charge.

Seebaran, who was charged by Constable Mohammed, was represented by attorney Ashton Dinanath and is expected to return to court on Friday.


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    Hans-Elmar 3 years

    Surprise that little weed is considered crime and the poor woman was arrested.Big shots like Jack Warner and Cutlassman of Tobago are still free.Little crime is proscecuted and big crime is tolerated.What a pity.