A woman remains in stable condition after she was chopped on her head by a relative on Sunday night.

The alleged assailant is said to be in police custody.

According to reports Cintra Lutchman, 40, was at her home at Debedial Road, Penal Rock Road, around 9 pm.

Lutchamn and a 52-year-old man began arguing around that time.

Its alleged that during the argument the man, a labourer, picked up the chopper and chopped her in the head.

Relatives contacted the police and the man was detained by officers at the scene.

Lutchman meanwhile was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where she remained in stable condition last night

Reports also indicate that the man remained detained at the Penal Police Station last night after being questioned.

Penal police said Lutchman had never made any reports of abuse against the man during the last five years he was living with her.

Investigations are continuing.