Trinidad and Tobago’s ambulance service

Trinidad and Tobago’s ambulance service

The slow response of Trinidad and Tobago’s ambulance service has come in for harsh criticism recently.

One family is calling on the Health Minister, Terrence Deyalsingh to address the issue.

Kevin Pinchilia, 29, revealed that his wife of eight years Lydia Mohammed-Pinchilia, also 29, died after waiting for over half-an-hour for an ambulance to arrive to take her for urgent medical attention.

According to reports, Mr. Pinchilia revealed that he had just gotten home at 3pm when his wife complained of feeling unwell.

She asked to be taken to seek medical attention.

However he disclosed that she collapsed before she could make it out of the house.

Pinchilia claimed that he contacted ambulance services, and was warned not to move his wife, but rather to wait on the ambulance.

He said he called the local ambulance service and was told an ambulance would be at his home shortly.

He said he complied with the medical advice but the ambulance never came and he still had to take her to the health facility in his vehicle as he had initially proposed to.

His wife did not make it as she passed away.

What made Pinchilia even more distraught he claimed was the presence of three ambulances parked at the facility when he arrived at the institution.

An autopsy is expected to be done this morning at the San Fernando Mortuary to determine the cause of death.