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Workers of CCN, TV6 and the Trinidad Express Newspaper Ltd to engage in lunch time protest

NEWS GRAPHIC 15Workers of CCN TV6 and the Trinidad Express Newspaper Ltd will be engaging in a lunch time protest today. This is according to a release issued by the Banking Insurance and General Union Workers Union. It states that the protest is to highlight concerns over the delay in resolving collective Agreements with their union (BIGWU).

TV 6 negotiations for the period 2011-2013 remain outstanding, as well as those in respect of the period 2014-201 are yet to begin and  at the Trinidad Express the Parties are yet to reach Agreement for 2013-2015.

Issues include salary increases and implementation of the results arrived at out of negotiation an Evaluation exercise among other matters.

The release states also that the Workers’ Union noted that while TV6 and The Express are publicly recognized as ahead in market share over their competitors in both electronic and print media, operating costs have been progressively contained with declining allocation to workers’ salaries and benefits, while shareholders returns and expansion in other streams of economic pursuit have increased – in effect ,a situation of raising greater value from the work force, thus reducing comparative value allocated to labor.


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    marcia rock 3 years

    I am so sadden of what is going on in trinidad and tobago and i am hoping they cath those escapes as soon as possible my condolence to the family of the officer that was killed yesterday w a s a very sad day in trinidad and tobago

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    i will like to see the names for the people that were lucky in the hdc ramdom draw on 8/7 2015 thank you in advance

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    i do not have a email address