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Workers Union slam wage increase for parliamentarians…


nwu logoThe National Workers Union has added its voice to those persons critical of parliamentarians who are asking for a pay increase if they are to start work at 8 am.

President Anthony Carmona in his madden Ceremonial Opening questioned the productivity of Sitting of the House of Representatives, which begin at 1:30 pm.

The Union in a statement issued this morning questioned why parliamentarians are engaging in what they call “shameless lobbying” when ordinary citizen aren’t able to gain a livable wage.

The Union added that most parliamentarians do not solely depend on these payments as they have other means of income.

The current salaries of Parliamentarians are:

Prime Minister: $48,000 (monthly), $7,500 (duty allowance) and 5,500 (transport allowance).

Government Minister (Cabinet Members): $33,000 (monthly), $1,600(subsistence) and $10,300 housing allowance.

Government (Non Cabinet): 27,000 (monthly), $1,600(subsistence) and $10,300 housing allowance.

Opposition Leader: $33,000 (monthly), $1,200(subsistence) and $10,300 housing allowance.

Members of Parliament( Non-Ministers): $ 14,000 (monthly), 4,100 (transport allowance).