Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan, says he is not in a position to give a definite timeline as to when the fast ferry vessel the MV Galleons Passage will arrive in the country.

On Wednesday Acting Prime Minister, Colm Imbert, said in the parliament that the government has decided to immediately bring the vessel to this country.

Mr. Imbert explained that the decision was taken after the seller of the vessel revealed that there was some difficulty in transporting some of the materials and equipment needed for retrofitting works to Cuba.

Further questioning the issue in the Senate this afternoon Opposition Senator, Wade Mark, asked Minister Sinanan for a definite date by which this vessel will arrive in Port-of-Spain; and the date by which this vessel will begin to operate on the inter-island sea-bridge.

At one stage Senate Vice President, Nigel De Freitas had to step in as Mr. Mark persisted in getting more details from the government on the issue.