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Yasin Abu Bakr Says Government Should Answer The Question of Why Young Muslim Men are Seeking out ISIS

Yasin Abu Bakr Says Government Should Answer The Question of Why Young Muslim Men are Seeking out ISIS

YASIN ABU BAKRJamaat al Muslimeen leader, Imam Yasin Abu Bakr is condemning the actions of members of the Islamic faith who are going against its fundamental teaches of peace.

Speaking in an interview with the Power Breakfast Show this morning, the Imam, when asked what he believed to be the reason for Trinidad and Tobago nationals leaving this country to join ISIS, stated that young people often feel disenfranchised and are living without hope and they are the ones who are susceptible to outside influences. He also stated that this was a question for the government to answer.


He admitted that many young people have ulterior motives and misconceptions when joining the Jamaat and tend to carry out nefarious activities believing that they can go on – on the strength of the organization. Bakr is adamant that a proper understanding of the religions and its ideologies will help curb the slate of radicalism.


Unity and acceptance across all religions is paramount to him as he believes that we must be our brother’s keeper.




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    The mighty Trinifeak 2 years

    The PNM government of consent man Keith Rowley has no answer. An answer would have been to outlaw all religions which do not comply with the basic law of T&T.Peruse all relious leaders and do not allow them to practise their trade once they have contravened the law of T&T. This is of course also applicable to the wizard and former coup leader Yasin Abu Bakr.One common denominator this man and seven day adventist Keith Rowley have both like many women. If Mason Hall adventist Keith Rowley would converse to the muslim religion he could have more than one wife, may be one for each day of the week. However, the lord said on the seventh day you shall rest.