As Trinidad and Tobago’s Police Commissioner Gary Griffith prepares his troops to shut down an alleged sex and drug party that’s purportedly set to take place on an island off Trinidad’s coast, between December 14th and December 17th, we’ve got some news for you. This isn’t the first sex party the world’s seen and heard of and we assume, it really won’t be the last. There sure are some very kinky folks walking among us, that’s for sure.

Power 102 Digital did some quick web research and was amused to find out that parties of this nature, have been happening in countries around the world and while we know people do what they like in the privacy of their spaces, it was a little shocking to note that these parties are in some cases, tourist attractions.

The New York Post, Fox News and Daily Mail have highlighted the Good Girls Co. upcoming four-day, three-night “sex-travaganza” off T&T’s coast, but truth be told, this is not a new occurrence.

It’s happening in the States… 

In San Francisco, the Folsom Street Fair is pretty much a festival for freaky fun. In September, thousands descended on the city to enjoy dance arenas, food drink, live demonstrations and exhibitors selling toys and equipment to fetish enthusiasts. Experts say this particular event is more like a high fetish affair than it is a sex party since the event is hosted outdoors and is subject to lewd behavior laws in that State. According to the information we acquired, there are after-parties galore however, where people can ‘enjoy’ their new purchases.

Then, in New Orleans sex loving enthusiasts would definitely know about Naughty In N’Awlins, a five-day ‘couples lifestyle convention’. It has workshops and classes, as well as play parties and entertainment. It also hosts the world’s first, and only, swingers’ parade.

And In Europe… 

Once a year, Copenhagen hosts the Kinky Salon (or what used to be called ‘Kinky Copenhagen’) a fun, playful, sexy festival that invites all sizes, shapes, genders and disability statuses. You have to bring a PAL with you (Pervy Activity Liaison), so you have the reassurance of being there with at least one friend to help everything stay safe, sane and consensual. It’s as secretive as it is sexy, with few details about tickets or dates unless you subscribe to the mailing list by giving them a few details about yourself, and how you can help the community.

Then, There’s Thailand..

Bangkok’s said to be the place to be when it comes to the kinky fun. Thailand is known for ‘sex tourism.’ No, not everyone who sells sex is coerced.According to, Thai sex-workers have created their own museum in Nonthaburi, with ‘No more sewing machines’ emblazoned across the entrance – a reaction to the women wanting workers’ rights, not 12-hour shifts in sweat shops.