The young mother of one who was shot in the head and killed while in a taxi on Friday, has been identified by relatives as Melissa Tricia Emmanuel. She had reportedly gone to collect $7,000 from someone she knew in Port-of-Spain, near Invaders Bay before being accosted and killed.

Police are now seeking CCTV camera footage to pinpoint the suspect.

The young woman, the mother of a 10-year-old girl, had been in a PH taxi, which stopped to pick up the gunman who’d simply said he would be stopping off near Licensing Office on Wrightson Road.

Police reports state that the man later drew a gun on  Emmanuel, robbing her of her gold jewelry before making off with the cash in her handbag. It is reported that she had put up a struggle for the bag containing the money. Family members, interviewed by the Newsday said Emmanuel was not employed and would have needed the money to support herself, and as such, may have attempted to hold on to the handbag. She was however shot once in the head.

Family members are reeling from the situation, saying Emmanuel was a very caring, kind, loving person.