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Zero tolerance to gang rivalry in East Port of Spain, says TTPS…

police logo...The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service says a zero tolerance approach will be taken in the face of gang rivalry in East Port of Spain.

Police at Duncan Street

police officers along Duncan Street, Port-of-Spain, yesterday…

From as early as 6:30 on Tuesday morning, gunshots echoed in the capital city as rival gangs reportedly opposed each other when a fracas broke out among residents of Nelson Street, Duncan Street, Laventille and Beetham. 

According to reports, residents of Nelson Street fired shots at rival gang members from Duncan Street. 

Gunshots were also heard coming from the hills, east of the East Dry River.

Residents also reported that “outsiders” were seen in their community. 

During the fracas two men were reportedly arrested and a third was stabbed.

mervyn richardson

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mervyn Richardson.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mervyn Richardson, said he received a call and organised a group of officers to respond to the trouble call.

He said upon arrival they found a “number of miscreants invading the place. “They were all over and there was general chaos in the area”.

Richardson relayed that men scattered when the police arrived, with some returning to Laventille and Beetham.

He made it clear that the police intended to enforce the Anti-gang legislation in the face of this incident.

There is now said to be a heightened police presence in John-John, Block 8, Duncan Street and Nelson Street.